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General information Mallorca

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by ArendaMallorca
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Mallorca, translated from Spanish means the largest, is the largest island of the Balearic archipelago.
# Mallorca has a mild climate and beautiful nature ..
The area of ​​the island is 3640.11 km², the population according to statistical data for 2015 is 859,289 people, the length of the coastline is 554 km. The highest point of Mallorca is Puig Major [es] (1,445 m) in the Sierra de Tramontana Mountains. Since it is located in a protected military zone, tourists are allowed to climb only to the nearby Mount Massanella [es], which is 1352 meters high. On the northeast coast there are two vast bays: Pollensa and Alcudia. The northern coast is very rugged, many steep cliffs. The central zone to the north of Palma is a fertile plain, here called Es-Pla. (according to Wikipedia)
The capital of the island – # Palma_de_Mayorka – a typical Spanish town with characteristic streets, on which stretched old cathedrals and small souvenir shops and shops.
The main city and port of the Spanish Autonomous Community #Balearic_Island. Located in the Palm Bay of the island # Mallorca 20 km wide and 25 km long. It is a major tourist center.

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